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Step into the Shoes of a Confident CEO - Transform Your Business Today!

Turn Overwhelm into Success with Our Expert Business Consulting Services!

Do You Feel Overwhelmed and Stuck in Your Business?

Are late nights becoming the norm?


 Is your dream of business success slowly transforming into a maze of endless problems?


The first step to resolving a problem is recognizing it.


You're not alone, and more importantly,

you're in the right place.

Discover the Solution to

Your Overwhelm

Many have walked the path you're on, and we've guided them to the other side. Our expert services - from business consulting to team assembly - are specifically designed to alleviate your entrepreneurial overwhelm and put you back on the road to success.

Introducing Our Business Transforming Services



Navigate the complexities of starting a new business with our expert guidance on legal structures and regulatory compliance.



Assemble a high-performing team that drives growth and success with our strategic expertise in talent acquisition and team development.



Gain invaluable insights and confidence as a business leader through our personalized CEO mentorship, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.



Unlock the potential of your business with our specialized assistance in building strong credit and securing essential funding.



Optimize your business operations and efficiency by establishing well-structured and productive departments with our tailored guidance.



Uncover the financial insights that drive your business forward with our comprehensive financial analysis and strategic planning services. From identifying growth opportunities to mitigating risks, our expertise ensures your financial success.

Office Building Hall

At AG Consulting, we're not just about managing your payroll; we're about revolutionizing it. Our services are meticulously designed for businesses who demand excellence and precision in their payroll processes. With a deep specialization in leading ERP systems, we offer a comprehensive suite of payroll services that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Our Core Specializations: ADP Mastery: We bring unparalleled expertise in ADP systems, ensuring your payroll is streamlined, compliant, and efficient. Xero Expertise: Our proficiency in Xero allows for seamless integration and management of your financials with top-tier payroll solutions. Gusto Proficiency: With Gusto, we offer modern, intuitive payroll solutions that are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks Integration: Leveraging QuickBooks, we provide robust payroll functionalities that sync beautifully with your accounting needs.


Close your eyes and imagine. A well-structured business. Robust credit. A dedicated team. Efficient departments. This could be your reality. We've made it happen for hundreds of entrepreneurs, and we can do it for you too. And we guarantee it.

Success Stories from Satisfied Clients

"The team at Always Gaines Consulting helped me with business formation and structuring for my startup. Their expertise and attention to detail made the process seamless and stress-free. I can't thank them enough!"

- John P.


1. Can Always Gaines Consulting assist me in forming a new business?

Yes, we can provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process of business formation, from choosing the right structure (LLC, S-Corp, etc.) to filing necessary documents and meeting legal requirements.

3. How can Always Gaines Consulting help me build my team?

We offer services like creating job descriptions, advising on recruitment strategies, and developing effective onboarding processes. We can also provide advice on employee engagement, performance management, and team-building strategies.

5. I want to improve my business credit. How long will it take?

The time to improve business credit can vary depending on the current state of your credit and your commitment to implementing our strategies. We help streamline this process but building credit still takes time.

7. How do I know if I'm ready to build a team for my business?

If you're struggling to keep up with your workload, want to expand your services, or simply can't grow your business further on your own, it may be time to build a team. We can help assess your readiness and guide you through this process.

2. What type of assistance do you provide for business credit?

Our team can help you understand your business credit, improve it, and leverage it to secure loans or funding. We guide you through the steps needed to establish and build your business credit.

4. Can you help me build specific departments in my business?

Yes, we can. Whether it's developing your marketing, sales, HR, or finance department, we offer tailored advice and actionable strategies to set up efficient, productive departments.

6. I'm not sure what business structure is best for me. Can you advise?

Absolutely. We can discuss the pros and cons of each structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, etc.) and help you decide what's best for your business based on your specific circumstances and goals.

8. What are the key factors to consider when building a department?

Key factors include the specific needs of your business, the roles needed within the department, the costs associated with hiring and maintaining staff, and the potential return on investment.

9. Can you help me understand the legal implications of business formation?

While we can guide you on basic legal requirements during the formation process, for complex legal advice, we recommend consulting with a legal professional. We can help you identify when this might be necessary.

10. I've just started a business. Can I still build business credit?

Yes, in fact, it's a great idea to start building business credit as early as possible. We can guide you on the steps to take right from the start.



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